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Notes on the Inhabitants of the Island

108 Machine

108 Machine

  • It’s controlled by a 1970’s/early 1980’s computer terminal connected to a mainframe
  • Counts down from 108 each time the machine is reset (by entering “The Numbers” in sequence)
  • Although not mentioned within the show, certain satellites take 108 minutes to orbit the earth (resulting 14 orbits per day)
  • If the numbers are not entered, a new sequence begins that starts to display heiroglyphics as the complex begins to quake (similar to an earthquake)
  • Entering “the numbers” every 108 minutes releases the build-up of electromagnetic energy within The Swan complex. If the numbers are not entered, the build-up reaches critical & causes a (potentially) cataclysmic electromagnetic event that attracts all magnetically-reactive material towards the complex (with seemingly increasing strength)
  • It is believed (but unconfirmed) that the heiroglyphic symbols would be read “cause to die;” outside of the show, the producers have mentioned that the symbols are intended to translate to “underworld” (unconfirmed)
  • The 108 machine’s interface (the computer monitor, mostly) was destroyed by Locke (who wanted to free the group from the “slavery” having to enter the numbers)
  • Desmond used a key to cause a “system termination” that momentarily created a loud sound & cast a purple hue over the entire sky.

Apollo Candy Bars

  • One of the only food items in the complex’s pantry that does not have the Dharma logo on it.
  • Apollo, in mythology, has the six attributes of : swans, wolves, dolphins, bows and arrows, a laurel crown, the cithara (or lyre) and plectrum. (from
  • Apollo was “a bringer of death-dealing plague.” (
  • Apollo born on the floating island of Delos, which was surrounded by swans.  After his birth, Zeus secured Delos to the bottom of the ocean.
  • We know of the Swan Complex & Arrow Complex on the island.

Art/Art Work (shown/related-to the island)

  • Graffiti in the Swan Complex
    Graffitti Art in the Swan Complex
  • Typical “doctor’s office” art in the Medical Complex’s examination room

Books & Games (read/shown on the island)

  • Books
    • “Of Mice & Men” (Sawyer read it in prison, but it was referenced by both Sawyer & Ben Linus while they enjoyed a fine hike on one of the hillsides of a second island)
    • Unknown “Book Club” book by Stephen King
      • Whatever it is, it’s Juliet’s favorite book
      • There’s some controversy over the actual book that the book club was supposed to read; there are several covers shown and the most consistent appearances seem to be either “Dark Tower” or “Carrie” (but, as one visitor pointed out, “The Dark Tower” was published on Sept. 21, 2004 and the book club was held on the 22nd… unlikely they’d already have the book & have read it… but the question remains open).
    • “Our Mutual Friend” by Charles Dickens; a book that Desmond has been saving as the last book he’d read before he dies. It is where he found a note from the woman who he loves; promising that she’d love him always. It is also where he kept the key that would terminate the Swan Complex’s system (of which the 108 Machine was a part).
    • “Watership Down” by Richard Adams
    • “A Wrinkle in Time” by Madeleine L’Engle
    • “The Turn of the Screw” by Henry James (Orientation film was behind this book)
    • “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding (not shown or read, but referenced… and pretty similar to a lot of the events on the island)
    • “The Third Policeman” by Flann O’Brien (shared shelf with orientation film)
    • “Lancelot” by Walker Percy
    • “The Brothers Karamazov” by Fyodor Dostoevsky
    • “Bad Twin” by Gary Troup (a manuscript, part of which was burned by Jack; might be worth noting that “Gary Troup” can be an anagram for “purgatory”)
    • “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret” by Judy Blume
    • The Christian Bible
  • Games
    • Backgammon
    • Poker (most notably between Jack & Sawyer… playing for the medical supplies)
    • Golf! (there’s even a makeshift course somewhere on the island, thanks to the “cruise director” efforts of Hurley)
    • Off the island, Locke was shown playing the games “Risk” and “Mousetrap” (apparently his favorite game); in the mental institution Hurley was playing “Connect Four” with the gentleman from whom he got “The Numbers”
    • Off the island, the inhabitants of the polar station (end of Season II) were playing chess

Collection of Guns

  • Main stash was originally found within “The Hatch”
  • Sawyer stole the collection & has hidden it somewhere in the jungle
  • A briefcase of handguns was brought to the island by the marshall (who was transporting Kate back to the U.S.)
  • Locke found a gun on one of the dead drug-runners posing as a preist (from the small plane carrying heroin)

Dharma Initiative Radio

  • The Tailies (2nd set of 815 survivors) found it in the Dharma Arrow facility
  • Bernard uses it to talk to Boone right before he dies in the Nigerian plane

Drug-Running Plane

  • A visitor note: “the drug plane was a Beach 18 with 2 engines.”
  • Supposedly from Nigeria (half-way around the globe)
  • If traveled directly through this area, there’d have to be nearby fueling strips
  • Carried 2 passengers dressed as priests (both found dead)
  • Carried crates of heroin hidden inside Virgin Mary statuettes
  • Carried Mr. Eko’s brother (who was an actual priest)

Glass Eye

  • Found by the Tailies in the Dharma Arrow facility
  • Could belong to a character seen through one of the monitors in The Pearl Complex (viewing station), as that character had an eye-patch… and the grimace of a man that has been missing his precious glass eye for some time.

Holy Bible

  • Mr. Eko finds and keeps a Bible in the Dharma Arrow facility
  • Contains a missing part of the Orientation video found in the Swan facility. That missing part warned viewers to not use the computer for any purpose other than entering the numbers.

Hurley’s CD Player

  • The batteries finally died

Mr. Eko’s Stick

  • Mr. Eko carves phrases & words on a large stick he found on the island
  • The phrases are, at least in part, scripture verses from the Bible; which he refers to as “things I need to remember.”
  • He tends to carry the stick with him everywhere he goes
  • One of the scriptures/etchings is: “lift up your eyes and look North”

Pregnancy Test

  • A Pregnacy Test Retrieved from Flight #815
    • “Who travels with a pregnancy test?”
    • The test was retrieved by Sawyer from the wreckage of Flight #815
    • The test was manufactured by Whidmore Labs
    • Desmond’s girlfriend, Penny Whidmore, is associated with Whidmore Labs

Rousseau’s Map

  • A hand-drawn map of the island
  • Contains phrases in French that turn out to be lyrics from a song
  • Includes a small boat (near the center of the map) that strongly resembles the boat used by “The Others” when attacking the raft & kidnapping Walt
  • Visit the Images section for a view of the map

The Briefcase of Knives

  • Locke’s collection of knives
  • Seems a little overboard even for the adventure
    tour that he was supposed to take

The Cable

  • The cable runs from the beach to the jungle
  • It’s only implied (never shown) that it runs to
    Rousseau’s shack
  • Has to be very, very long
  • The other end seems to run into the ocean… but for what purpose?

The Comic Book

  • In Spanish
  • Has a Polar Bear on the cover
  • Walt liked “looking at the pictures”
  • Brought on the plane by Hurley (who was reading it before the crash)
  • The comic is: Flash & Green Lantern: Faster Friends, Issue #1 (published by DC Comics in 1997).
  • Visitor submitted note: “In it, Green Lantern and the Flash encounter a polar bear. … Green Lantern’s ring is the most powerful weapon in the DC Universe. It allows the wearer to make real anything he imagines, much like Walt seems to be able to. In the comic, the Green Lantern is Kyle Rayner, an artist, much like Walt’s father.”

The Food Parachute

  • A palette of food was dropped (by parachute) during or after the “lockdown” in the Hatch (when the blast doors sealed the control room).
  • The food is all Dharma Initiative “brand”
  • No one claims to have seen or heard a plane fly-by which might have dropped the food… it’s origin remains a mystery.

The Polar Bear(s)

  • Notes on the seemingly supernatural elements of polar bears within LOST:
    • A polar bear on a tropical island
    • Most likely not from “Bear Village”
    • A polar bear was in the comic book that Walt was reading (that was originally Hurley’s).
    • Michael gave the young Walt a stuffed polar bear the last time he saw him (as a child)
    • The Orientation film shows Polar bears, lending to the possibility that they might be on the island because of the Dharma Initiative’s partial focus on zoology.
    • The unfinished “DriveShaft” video has a (stuffed/plush) polar bear in it.
    • The polar bears no longer seem “potentially supernatural” as their presence on the island is very likely tied to their occupation of the cages near the Hydra complex (in which Sawyer & Kate were kept)

The Toy Plane

  • Kate was fixated on retrieving this plane (before & after life on the island)
  • Kate claims it belonged to the man she loved & killed
  • Found in safe deposit box #815

Theatrical Make-Up Kit

  • Found in the medical complex
  • Contains a fake beard & spirit gum (for affixing theatrical prosthetics & hair to one’s body)

U.S. Army Knife

Army Knife

  • Said to be 20+ years old
  • Found on the body of one of “The Others” (a female that was killed while attacking the camp of the 2nd set of 815 survivors)

Virgin Mary Statuettes

  • Filled with packets of heroin
  • Originally collected & hidden by Charlie
  • Taken by Locke and stored in the gun locker (in the hatch) for potential use as medicine
  • Taken back by Charlie who hid them for later use (then destroyed them)

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