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Notes on the Inhabitants of the Island

Deaths: 23

  • Known Deaths on the Island: 23
    • Man sucked into engine
    • Co-Pilot pulled from cockpit by the “monster”
    • Joanna (drowned swimming in ocean)
    • Scott Jackson (apparently killed by Ethan)
    • Ethan Rom (killed by Charlie)
    • Boone (died from fall)
    • U.S. Marshal (mercy killing by Jack after Sawyer’s failed attempt)
    • Arzt (blew up during transport of dynamite)
    • Donald (from the tail end of plane; died from leg infection after crash)
    • Nathan (killed by Goodwin after being held in Ana Lucia’s pit-prison)
    • Goodwin (killed by a combination of Ana Lucia, gravity & a well-placed spikey stick)
    • 2 unnamed “Others” killed by Mr. Eko as they tried to take him away
    • 1 unnamed female “Other” killed by Ana Lucia during the attack in which The Others took “The Good Nine”
    • Shannon (shot by Ana Lucia)
    • The Real Henry Gale (occupying the grave underneath the Smiley-Face balloon; died of unknown causes; but was alive long enough to write his wife a final letter)
    • Ana Lucia (shot by Michael)
    • Libby (shot by Michael)
    • Sawyer shot one of “The Others” while searching for their camp to which Michael was leading them (the body was inspected briefly & determined to be dead)
    • Kevin Inman (apparently killed during a struggle with Desmond)
    • Colleen (the “Other” shot by Sun on the sailboat)
    • Mr. Eko (beaten & killed by the “black smoke monster”)
    • Unconfirmed: Radzinsky, a previous inhabitant of “The Hatch” (the Swan Complex) supposedly killed himself inside the complex before Desmond’s arrival
    • Unconfirmed/unknown: Cindy (the flight attendant taken during the trek across the island by the second set of Flight 815 survivors)

Known Island Population: approx 75

  • 41 “Group 1” survivors of Flight 815
  • Desmond
  • Danielle Rousseau
  • Alex (Rousseau’s child)
  • Aaron (Claire’s Baby)
  • Tom (aka The Bearded Man)
  • 3 additional “The Others” on boat (2 males, 1 female)
  • Benjamin Linus
  • approx. 4 “Group 2/Tailies” Survivors of Flight 815
  • the initial 3 “tailies” taken by The Others (implied but unconfirmed)
  • the nine “Good ones” taken by The Others (implied but unconfirmed)
  • enough “Others” to make a nice ring of torches around the rescue party searching for Michael (but, number unknown); Michael counted 22 “Others” during his time in the jungle looking for Walt
  • Unknown Fate: Cindy (the Tailie taken during the trek of the Group 2/Tailies from their camp to the beach; Michael & Walt whom were, at last sight, headed off the island

Time on the Island: 69 days

  • as of Season III, Episode 2
  • Plane crashed on September 22, 2004
  • Last date referenced as “current” was November 29th, 2004

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