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Notes on the Inhabitants of the Island
Orientation Films
  • The Dharma Initiative’s “Orientation Films” are visual guides to operating the individual controls/experiments of the complexes across the island. Each complex has its own film (the “films” are presented on 16mm film or videotape)
  • The Swan Complex Orientation Film (links to YouTube)
    • Hosted by Dr. Marvin Candle
    • Titled: “Orientation – Station 3 – The Swan”
    • Details: includes “a little history” about the Dharma Initiative; tour of duty in “The Swan” lasts 540 days; Station 3 was originally constructed as a laboratory where scientists could work to understand the “unique electro-magnetic flucuations eminating from this sector of the island;” noted that an “incident” occured resulting in the required use of the 108 machine (and the entering of the numbers); warns that the 108 machine should not be used for “anything else other than the entering of the code. This is its only function;” warns that using the computer for something other than entering the code (such as communication with the outside world) could lead to another “incident.”
    • Dated: 1980
    • NOTE: Originally, the survivors of Flight #815 saw an edited version of the video in which the portion warning that the computer terminal should not be used for communication was removed
  • The Pearl Complex Orientation Video (links to YouTube)
    • Hosted by Dr. Mark Wickman
    • Titled: “Orientation – Station 5 – The Pearl”
    • Details: that “The Pearl” is a monitoring station; tours of duty last 3 weeks; purpose is to observe the teams in other complexes; there is no need to know what the purpose of the other teams’ work is; observations should be recorded & sent through a tube system when complete; instructs viewer to proceed to the Pala Ferry (at the end of their shift) for transportation back to the barracks
    • Dated: 1980
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