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Rousseau’s Map
  • Click to View the Full Map A larger version (with better contrast) than what I can currently find online.
  • You’ll notice that the map includes a small boat near the shoreline at the center of the map (next to it is the French word for “wreck” or “derelict”).
  • Translations:
    côte sauvage vents d’ouest = wild coast winds of west
    côte des moustique = coast of the mosquito
    lagon bleu azure = blue lagoon blues
    le longs des golfes claires = long of the gulfs clear ones
    face au vent = face windward
    versant expose = exposed mountainside
  • References to “Beyond the Sea” (lyrics on map) available in the “Translations” repository
  • I’d like to start a collaborative rendition of a map of the island (where individuals can download & add their own bits of information & send it back for updated posting here) I just need a good, base map from which to begin.
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