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108 Machine

108 Machine

  • It’s controlled by a 1970’s/early 1980’s computer terminal connected to a mainframe
  • Counts down from 108 each time the machine is reset (by entering “The Numbers” in sequence)
  • Although not mentioned within the show, certain satellites take 108 minutes to orbit the earth (resulting 14 orbits per day)
  • If the numbers are not entered, a new sequence begins that starts to display heiroglyphics as the complex begins to quake (similar to an earthquake)
  • Entering “the numbers” every 108 minutes releases the build-up of electromagnetic energy within The Swan complex. If the numbers are not entered, the build-up reaches critical & causes a (potentially) cataclysmic electromagnetic event that attracts all magnetically-reactive material towards the complex (with seemingly increasing strength)
  • It is believed (but unconfirmed) that the heiroglyphic symbols would be read “cause to die;” outside of the show, the producers have mentioned that the symbols are intended to translate to “underworld” (unconfirmed)
  • The 108 machine’s interface (the computer monitor, mostly) was destroyed by Locke (who wanted to free the group from the “slavery” having to enter the numbers)
  • Desmond used a key to cause a “system termination” that momentarily created a loud sound & cast a purple hue over the entire sky.
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