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Notes on the Inhabitants of the Island
The Polar Bear(s)
  • Notes on the seemingly supernatural elements of polar bears within LOST:
    • A polar bear on a tropical island
    • Most likely not from “Bear Village”
    • A polar bear was in the comic book that Walt was reading (that was originally Hurley’s).
    • Michael gave the young Walt a stuffed polar bear the last time he saw him (as a child)
    • The Orientation film shows Polar bears, lending to the possibility that they might be on the island because of the Dharma Initiative’s partial focus on zoology.
    • The unfinished “DriveShaft” video has a (stuffed/plush) polar bear in it.
    • The polar bears no longer seem “potentially supernatural” as their presence on the island is very likely tied to their occupation of the cages near the Hydra complex (in which Sawyer & Kate were kept)
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