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Notes on the Inhabitants of the Island
Gary Troup
  • A supposed author who was on the plane
  • Wrote the manuscript for “Bad Twin” that Sawyer was shown reading on the island
  • has a created video interview with some additional clues: Gary Troup video interview
  • is also selling his book “Bad Twin” (see below)
  • “Bad Twin” opens with the bio of Gary Troup: “Gary Troup was a confirmed bachelor.  Long on charm but short on commitment, he’d kept his affections in check — until he met Cindy Chandler, a flight attendant on Oceanic Airlines.  All indications are that he was completely smitten with her: It is to Cindy that he dedicated this book; with characteristic slyness, he even gave her a cameo role to play . . . If death can ever be kind, perhaps it was a kindness that the new lovers were lost in the same catastrophe, neither having to mourn the other.”

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