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Notes on the Inhabitants of the Island
Ana Lucia Cortez

Ana Lucia

  • Age/Date of Birth:
    • ?? / ??
  • Seat Number:
    • 42F
  • Occupation:
    • ex-LAPD Officer; Airport Security Guard (with wand!)
  • Connection(s):
    • Was flown to Sydney by Jack’s father to serve as “protection;” overhearing Jack’s plea for getting his father’s body on the plane inspired her to call her mother before getting on Flight 815
  • Supernatural Characteristic:
    • None yet
  • Reason on the plane:
    • Returning from Australia where she was travelling with Jack’s father (to “protect” him)
  • Resides:
    • Survivor’s Camp/Swan Complex
  • Notes:
    • Flirted briefly with Jack in airport bar before boarding plane.
    • Has some control issues.
    • Shot & killed Shannon (presumably fearing she was one of “The Others”… even though the girl was running through the jungle screaming like a damn fool.);
    • pointedly not considered one of the “good one’s” by the “Other” posing as Henry Gale;
    • had “intimate relations” with Sawyer to distract him & allow her to steal his gun;
    • shot & killed by Michael (with the gun she gave him) in Michael’s release of the man posing has Henry Gale
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