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Notes on the Inhabitants of the Island
Claire Littleton


  • Age/Date of Birth:
    • ?? / ??
  • Seat Number:
    • ??
  • Occupation:
    • Unknown
  • Connection(s):
    • The psychic that sent her on Flight #815 was the same psychic whose daughter was investigated by Mr. Eko for claims of a miracle
  • Supernatural Characteristic:
    • None yet
  • Reason on the plane:
    • Psychic buys a ticket for her to L.A. where a couple is supposedly waiting to adopt her baby
  • Resides:
    • Survivor’s Camp/Swan Complex
  • Notes:
    • Told by a psychic that she must raise her baby or the baby will be responsible for great evil in the world;
    • was kidnapped by Ethan Rom but (for awhile) could not remember what happened to her during her time away from the other survivors
    • it was later revealed that she was kept in the medical facility (“The Staff” complex), in a nursery where she was to give birth to Aaron. Alex Rousseau, who is living with or near “The Others” helped her escape.
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