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Notes on the Inhabitants of the Island
James “Sawyer” Ford

  • Age/Date of Birth:
    • claims “35”/ 7-20-68?
  • Seat Number:
    • ??
  • Occupation:
    • Con Man
  • Connection(s):
    • Met Jack’s Father in a bar in Australia before the Father’s death;
    • was in the same police station as Boone was filing a report against Shannon’s boyfriend;
    • slept with the woman who selected Hurley’s winning lottery numbers;
    • was waited upon by Kate’s mother (in a diner)
  • Supernatural Characteristic:
    • None Yet
  • Reason on the plane:
    • Deported after head-butting the Honorable Warren Truss in a bar fight.
  • Resides:
    • In a cage meant for polar bears in the area of “The Hydra” complex
  • Notes:
    • Has a violent past;
    • killed someone;
    • took the name of the con man who caused his father to kill his mother & then commit suicide;
    • eventually told Jack about his meeting with Jack’s Dad (helping Jack reconcile some feelings about his relationship with his father);
    • shares his name with James Ford of Illinois — a 19th century river pirate known as the “Outlaw of Cave-in-Rock“);
    • Sawyer misled inhabitants with fear of an attack by “The Others,” during which he stole the entire stockpile of guns in “The Swan” complex and (for awhile) controlled the gun stash ( which he hid)
    • had one of the guns stolen from him by Ana Lucia (which was eventually used to kill her and Libby)
    • spent time in prison, after the mother of his daughter pressed charges for being conned by Sawyer
    • apparently has a daughter who he didn’t want to confirm was his; but set-up a bank account in her name with the money he received in betraying a fellow prisoner (ensuring there’d be no way for her to discover who gave her the money)
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