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Notes on the Inhabitants of the Island
Kate Austen


  • Age/Date of Birth:
    • ?? / 1978?
  • Seat Number:
    • 27H
  • Occupation:
    • Unknown… aside from, you know, her crime spree
  • Connection(s):
    • Kate’s adoptive father was the commanding officer of the group that captured/ interrogated Sayid during the First Gulf War; Kate’s mother waited upon Sawyer at a diner during his “long con” flashback
  • Supernatural Characteristic:
    • None Yet
  • Reason on the plane:
    • Being transported back to the States by U.S. Marshal Edward Mars (seat 27G)
  • Resides:
    • A cage meant for polar bears in the area of “The Hydra” complex
  • Notes:
    • Has a violent past, killed Someone, fond of toy airplane (that she says belonged the man she loved & killed who turns out to be her ex-boyfriend who gets shot & dies during Kate’s getaway from the police in her hometown); some instances of her name refer to her as “Kate Ryan” and “Katherine Dodd” (police record); killed her father because she couldn’t bear being part of him (he was abusive & generally nasty); her mother turned her in for that murder
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