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Notes on the Inhabitants of the Island
Sun Paik

Sun Paik

  • Age/Date of Birth:
    • ?? / ??
  • Seat Number:
    • ??
  • Occupation:
    • None
  • Connection(s):
    • None yet
  • Supernatural Characteristic:
    • None yet
  • Reason on the plane:
    • Changed her mind about leaving her husband at the airport, joined him on a business flight
  • Resides:
    • Survivor’s Camp/Swan Complex
  • Notes:
    • Married to Jin
    • Hid her ability to speak English from her husband
    • Had originally planned to flee her husband by flying out of the country
    • Has knowledge of medicinal properties of island plants
    • Appears to be pregnant
    • Knows how to sail a boat
    • Had an affair with Jae (who was marked for death by her father; spared by Jin (his executioner); then committed suicide)
    • Has a history of lying (from when she was a girl & blamed the maid for a broken glass ballerina to her affair with Jae and keeping things from her husband on the island)
    • Shot (and possibly killed) Colleen as “The Others” were taking the sailboat
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