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Notes on the Inhabitants of the Island
Ben Linus

Henry Gale

  • “‘The Other’ Formerly Known as ‘Henry Gale'”
  • Seems to be the leader of “The Others”
  • Considers himself and “The Others” to be “the good guys”
  • Originally, he claimed that his name was “Henry Gale” and that he crashed on the island in a balloon with his wife (who has died). He maintained this lie until the real Henry Gale was discovered buried in the grave that supposedly held this character’s wife.
  • “Wizard of Oz” Relation: The name “Henry Gale” is the name of Dorothy’s uncle; the “Wizard” descends into Oz (and later escapes) in a hot-air balloon.
  • It’s quickly becoming apparent that “Henry’s” abilities lie within psychological manipulation & powers of suggestion.
  • ABC’s official LOST site includes a “diary” of a supposed on-island character which references the person being held as his/her brother. Read it here.
  • Henry told Locke that his mission was to come get Locke since he was one of the “good one’s.”
  • Introduce Jack (and the viewers) to the concept that time has continued to progress on the island & that there is still a connection between the “real world” and the world of the island
  • Ben claims that he was born on the island
  • A Google search for “Ben Linus” returns (in the paid results) a link for (click on the missing year in the copyright at the bottom for a little surprise)
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