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References to Black & White
  • Various Uses & References to Black & White within the world of LOST:
    • Playing of Backgammon, Locke holds up the backgammon pieces for Walt and states: “two players, two sides, one is light, one is dark.”
    • Stones on the bodies found in the cave, in a pouch.
      One black stone, one white stone.
    • When Claire has her nightmarish visions/dreams,
      one is of Locke with one white eye & one black eye
    • The glasses made for Sawyer are a fusing of two
      frames: one white & one black
    • The plume/tower of smoke that supposedly signals that “the others” are coming is black. (The same tower of smoke went up before “the others” took Danielle’s daughter Alex.)
    • The “monster” is, apparently, a wisp of black smoke
    • The polar bear was white (and, just for the record: polar bears have black skin)
    • Jack’s suit in the first episode was black & white
    • Charlie’s shoes (Vans?) that he hid his drugs in had a black & white checkerboard pattern.
    • Jack chooses “standard black” as the thread color for his stitches.
    • In the first episode, Jack passes a white shoe hanging from a tree (yes, I know this one’s a bit of a stretch)… with a black lining.
    • The horse the Kate sees in the jungle is black
    • The rocks that Bernard was using to make an “SOS” sign on the beach were black.
    • The Dharma Initiative logo has black graphics over a white background
    • NOTE: A lot of people have written in about Rose & Bernard… but neither is actually black or white.

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