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Notes on the Inhabitants of the Island
Repetition of Names
  • Certain names seem to be repeated across various characters
  • Danielle
    • Rousseau’s first name;
    • the name of the girl that died during an operation performed by Jack’s father (while he was drunk)
  • Brian
    • name of Walt’s step-father
    • name of Shannon’s boyfriend in Australia
  • Thomas
    • name of Claire’s boyfriend
    • name of Kate’s childhood friend
  • Rutherford
    • Shannon’s last name
    • The SUV driver from that died in the operating room (season 2, episode 1). NOTE: turns out that they share the name since it was her father that Jack was operating on (and which he had to decide to let die in order to save the woman that later became his wife)
  • Sam
    • Sam Toomey
    • Kate’s “other” father (NOTE: this is from a visitor submission– unconfirmed & somewhat unclear).
  • Sarah
    • Analucia’s alias while in Sydney protecting Christian Shepherd,
    • name of Jack’s wife.
  • Historical Scientists/Philosophers/Etc.
    • (now noted under their own category here)
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