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Notes on the Inhabitants of the Island
Tools, Technology & Such on the Island
  • Dynamite in the hold of the “Black Rock”
  • “The Others” Boat (which they, seemingly, have gas for somewhere)
  • “The Others” guns (at least one that they used to shoot Sawyer during the kidnapping of Walt)
  • The makings for a Molotov Cocktail (used to burn the “Ark II”)
  • The broadcasting tower that originally broadcast “the numbers” then Rousseau’s distress call
  • Rousseau’s batteries
  • The Radar on the “Ark II” (the bamboo boat the survivors built) — may have been destroyed in the fire.
  • Washing machine & dryer in “The Hatch” appear to be from circa 2000; whereas all other items seem to be circa 1970
  • A complete medical center/birthing room in the complex under “The Others” control (currently referred to as the “Medical” complex)
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