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Use of Names of Philosophers & Scientists
  • Characters on the island whom share names with historical philosophers & scientists:
    • John Locke (English Philospher)
    • Danielle shares her name with Jean Jacques Rousseau (French Philosopher)
    • Desmond shares his name with David Hume (April 26, 1711 — August 25, 1776) a scottish philosopher, economist and historian who, among other things, was a leading proponent of “Naturalism.”
      • From Naturalism is any of several philosophical stances … that do not distinguish the supernatural from nature.
    • Desmond also shares his name with John Desmond Bernal (Irish-born scientist that proposed a self-contained space habitat in 1929 (the Bernal Sphere)
    • Anthony Cooper (Locke’s father) shares his name a patron of the philosopher John Locke — Anthony Ashley Cooper, first Earl of Shaftesbury. As a writer, he is known for his works on aesthetics and civic humanism.
    • On a related note: John Locke, Jean Jacques Rousseau and David Hume were all philosophers of the Age of Enlightenment (link to Wikipedia’s article)

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