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Notes on the Inhabitants of the Island
Miraculous Cures
  • Physical Issues:
    • Locke is able to walk after crashing on the island (from having been wheelchair-bound
    • Jack successfully performs a seemingly impossible surgery on the woman who becomes his wife, allowing her to walk once again
    • Jin’s infertility has (apparently) been cure
    • Rose’s illness seems to have been cured (possibly related to the magnetic properties of the part of the island they’re on)
  • Psychological Issues:
    • Hurley conquered his eating disorder on the island (may or may not be island-related)
    • Libby is, possibly, no longer experiencing whatever issues landed her in the mental institution that she shared with Hurley. (At least, she certainly looks like she’s doing a lot better than she was in the hospital.)
  • Also take note of the “damaged body parts” listing on the “Notes” page.
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