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Notes on the Inhabitants of the Island
The Black Rock
  • Turns out it’s an old, wooden, ship named the “Black Rock.”
  • A visitor-submitted note: “either a brig or a full-rigged ship. Judging from the spars remaining on the front two masts and the mast on the ground, I would say a ship. She was square rigged (across the beam of the ship).”
  • A visitor-submitted note: “It is an 18th-early 19th century cargo ship. Its cargo was slaves and mining equipment”
  • A visitor-submitted note: ” If you look closely, you can see that underneath the words “The Black Rock” on the ship is the word “Portsmouth.” Portsmouth, U.K. was the location where the first ship set sail for Australia carrying convicts in the 1800s. I think it’s far more likely that it’s a convict ship instead of a slave ship.”
  • A visitor-submitted note: “‘Black Rock’ is another name for magnetite, the first discovered magnetic material, and still the strongest one ever found. Small crystals of magnetite can be found in the brains of bees, termites, some birds, and humans, and is thought to be responsible for the ability to sense the polarity or inclination of Earth’s magnetic field–very useful for navigation.”
  • Supposedly holds a radio tower that originally transmitted “the numbers”
  • Rousseau blames the black rock/surrounding area for making her science team “sick”
  • Ship was carrying dynamite (which was invented in 1867)
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