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Notes on the Inhabitants of the Island
The Visions
  • Jack has had waking visions of his deceased father roaming the island
  • Boone has envisioned his sister’s death
  • Locke dreamed of the small, drug-running airplane’s crash onto the island
  • Claire has several baby-snatching visions/dreams
  • Locke had a vision of his mother in a fur coat & of Boone bleeding
  • Hurley dreamed of an English-speaking Jin* & restaurant mascot chicken. (*or, depending on the characters view… a Korean-speaking Hurley)
  • Shannon thought she saw Walt in the jungle, wet & speaking in a strange, backwards manner. This vision occurred after Walt’s kidnapping from the raft (which was unknown to the survivors on the island at that time). During this vision Walt said “Don’t touch the button. The button is bad.” (Backwards) Sayid also saw Walt right before Shannon was shot by Ana Lucia.
  • Kate saw a large, black horse in the jungle (seemingly from her past)
  • Hurley saw his imaginary friend Dave (although that falls more into the arena of mental illness)
  • Charlie experienced visions of Claire & his mother as religious figures.
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