Episode 12: Bunny vs. Coffeemaker II

{ cont’d from Part I } In this episode: a group of wayward bunnies mistakenly find their way into the pit of a coffee pot – just before the coffeemaker is switched on! Let’s now witness the conclusion of this horrific episode…

bunny vs coffeemaker 2

One response to “Episode 12: Bunny vs. Coffeemaker II”

  1. Jane Harriman says:

    This coffee maker (1 and 2) Bunnyocalypse has to be my favorite. If they depected the scene in my kitchen in the morning I would be a happy, productive, well-loved human being.
    Bunnyocalyses just seem to absorb all my free-floating anger and hostility and leave me full of positive energy! I love all of them –I never get tired of them. I always roar with laughter.
    Please beam them to me all dayn via my wallpaper roses. (haha)

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