The “Conjoined Tomatoes” of Danny M.

  • Title: “Conjoined Tomatoes”
  • Media: n/a
  • Submitted by: Danny M.
  • One tomato, two tomato, three tomato, four.* No, just one tomato. Or two? Or... I give up. (*I don't think this first line will make sense to those that did not grow up with the little "one potato, two potato" song/rhyme. My apologies.)

4 responses to “Conjoined Tomatoes”

  1. Melanie says:

    It looks more like two.

  2. hildog says:

    those tomatos are the balls! 😉

  3. banjo2E says:

    Now that’s what I call a cherry tomato.

  4. lam says:

    red bra tomato

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