The “Cu-Cu-Cucumber!” of Elen O.


  • Title: “Cu-Cu-Cucumber!”
  • Media: Cucumber. Mad Science.
  • Submitted by: Elen O.
  • Clearly, this cucumber is evidence of a strange & mad science occurring somewhere in the world. Elen didn't mention such a device, but I am certain that the once-impossible MERGING RAY is being tested within Elen's greenhouse. What merged-vegetable madness does the future hold?

3 responses to “Cu-Cu-Cucumber!”

  1. stephen says:

    awesome, 3 cucumbers!

  2. Ymmo says:

    Holy cucumber trinity! One is three is one. Hmmm, where did I hear that before… 😉

  3. CodyRay says:

    This looks really cool actually!

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