The “Pregnant Pepper” of Heather S.


  • Title: “Pregnant Pepper”
  • Media: Momma Pepper. Baby Peppers
  • Submitted by: Heather S.
  • Heather writes: "After I cut the top off of the seemingly normal pepper, I noticed a tiny baby pepper nestled all snugly in it's peppery womb. Upon removing the poor thing, I noticed that it was not one baby, but two- conjoined twin baby peppers. This whole thing was too traumatizing for me, and I couldn't bring myself to eat the mamma pepper or the baby peppers. To date, the pappa pepper has not been identified." Twin baby peppers! Mazel tov!

11 responses to “Pregnant Pepper”

  1. Hunter says:

    I hate to snark (don’t listen to him, he loves to snark), but this hardly seems anomalous enough for the museum. At least from the suppliers we used when I worked in the restaurant biz, about every tenth or twelth pepper you cut open has one or more embryonic peppers in it.

  2. Lee says:

    My sister found one just like that. It was a bell pepper also.The one on the outside was mild but the “baby” was as hot as fire

  3. brian says:

    what the hell is that :0?

  4. Stephanie says:

    I saw these once or twice…they are a bit surprising to find!

  5. Tim G. says:

    I find this to be altogether TOO commom place to be an anomaly.

  6. Jeff says:

    Yeah, you are right, Tim. Um…That’s all I have to say.

  7. Gill says:

    Is it just me or is the pepper also stripey?
    Like green and then orange?

  8. Hannah says:

    maybe it is an inverted bum and the white stuff is poop ;-D

  9. marisa says:

    hannah…ew. XD

  10. Desi says:

    Aha! Even though it’s not that anomolous, I still love peppers like these cause it reminds me of my sister… She HATES these things, (they creep her out somehow) but she forces herself to eat them because she’s a medical student and knows how good the peppers are for people.

  11. CodyRay says:

    I feel like this happens a lot with peppers

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