MoFA: ‘Creepy Creatures’ Specimens

crazy cucumber

  • Title: “All-Kinds-of-Crazy Cucumber”
  • Media: Cucumber. Craziness.
  • Submitted by: Penny S.
  • Penny grew this cucumber and reports that it "looks like it has babies." Yes, Penny, there is that... and the fact that it's curled upon itself as if it's cradling those "babies." I'm creeped out and very confused. Why do I run this museum?!

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milk pikachu

  • Title: “Milk Pikachu”
  • Media: Spilled Milk. No Crying.
  • Submitted by: Holly W.
  • Sometimes food anomalies are found in the least likely of places... such as spilled milk (which happened to spill right into the form of Pikachu of Pokemon fame).

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  • Title: “Angelina Douglas Pepper”
  • Media: Pepper. Jolie and Douglas DNA.
  • Submitted by: Cathy L.
  • While "modified" submissions are usually forbidden here in the MoFA, this entry would work without the attached eyes. Cathy says that this photo represents the result of Angelina Jolie and Kirk Douglas having had a baby... that was a pepper. ... ah, see it now?

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  • Title: “Strawberry Jaws”
  • Media: Strawberry. Ravenous Hunger.
  • Submitted by: Nathan
  • It's the strawberry that bit back! (no word on Nathan's condition; last we heard he has yet to approach another strawberry)

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  • Title: “Ghost in Tea”
  • Media: Tea. A Spirit from the Afterlife.
  • Submitted by: Anonymous
  • With all the validity of, well, every other ghost photo, comes this snap of a somewhat cheery face peering out of the murky darkness of a visitor's beverage.

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  • Title: “Mark of the Lime”
  • Media: Lime. Spawn of Satan.
  • Submitted by: Jamie
  • Just a lime? I don't believe so. I am quite certain, if you look, you'll find someone on its rind... THE MARK OF THE BEAST

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  • Title: “Whale of a Good Fish Nugget”
  • Media: Regular Fish Nugget. One Reading of Moby Dick.
  • Submitted by: Sarahx
  • Sarah was surprised to find that super-sizing her order of fish & chips meant an entirely new league of sea life. Poor whales... reduced to fried snacks.

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