MoFA: ‘Creepy Creatures’ Specimens



  • Title: “Alien Potatoes”
  • Media: Potatoes - from another world
  • Submitted by: Monika N. (Switzerland)
  • Potatoes are not supposed to have round bulbous growths sticking out of them. That is just not natural. This courageous young lass was brave enough to hold them close to her face for this photo. Her fate is unknown.

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  • Title: “Haunted Soup”
  • Media: Soup. A lost soul.
  • Submitted by: Simon E.
  • Simon put a regular bowl of oxtail soup into his microwave and it came out looking like this. We suggest that Simon checks his microwave specifications as it seems to include the ability to entrap souls. Simon wrote "It looks as if it's in pain. I still ate it."

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  • Title: “Carrot Feet”
  • Media: Really Messed Up Carrots
  • Submitted by: Miranda Q.
  • Miranda promises that this is a photo of a real carrot that she purchased in college. She noticed it looked like a foot, so she cut it in half to make two. Yes, Miranda, this is the most disturbing carrot I've seen in quite awhile.

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  • Title: “Cadbury Mini-Head”
  • Media: Candy from Outer Space
  • Submitted by: Matthew T.
  • Matt swears this Cadbury Mini Egg resembles the head of one of the 'Alien' creatures ("At Easter, no one can hear you scream," he adds). I say it looks more like a purple Smurf. You decide.

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  • Title: “Bug-Eyed Potato”
  • Media: Potato & Personality
  • Submitted by: Seth
  • There are the submissions that are strange & disturbing... and wonderful. Thank you, Seth, for this fine, bug-eyed potato.

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  • Title: “Carrotor!”
  • Media: Carrot & Mutant Genes
  • Submitted by: Brenda A.
  • Somewhere, a young science-fiction writer is viewing this site, seeing this image. Years from now, in an interview, she'll reference some website that had photos of strange food items. She'll casually mention that this was the inspiration for her pulp classic "From the Garden Crept... CARROTOR"

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  • Title: “The Devil’s Drink”
  • Media: Alcohol & Restless Evil Spirits
  • Submitted by: Jen S.
  • Jen guesses that alcohol is the devil's drink after finding this ghost (in the center) and devil (on the right) gazing at her from the rim of her pint. Jen, I wouldn't go so far as to call it the "devil's drink," but I would have sipped from the other side.

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  • Title: “Alien Beer”
  • Media: Beer
  • Submitted by: Jordan B.
  • While there has not been any definitive evidence linking alcohol consumption & alien abduction, there's a good chance that finding this image at the bottom of your beer glass means that you're in for a long night.

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