MoFA: ‘Food Fontography’ Specimens

  • Title: “The Mysterious Message of ‘JUUG’”
  • Media: Eggplant. Mysterious Messaging.
  • Submitted by: Joe S.
  • Not many people realize this, but in the days before mobile phones, it was a very common practice to send text messages via eggplant. It seems that Joe found one such message in his eggplant, with only the mysterious term of "juug" written within its fleshy center. Joe did note that there are various definitions for "juug" on Urban Dictionary (but, for the more sensitive viewers, keep in mind that most Urban Dictionary definitions include a smattering of cruder language).

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  • Title: “Ranch Dressing Mystery Communique”
  • Media: Ranch dressing. Interaction with chicken wings. Message from the GREAT BEYOND.
  • Submitted by: Cleadus
  • The person submitting this mysterious image reports "after a plate of chicken wings this #2 appeared in my ranch dressing without the aid of man." It's OBVIOUS that the ranch dressing is sending us a message... but what could it mean -- for chicken wings around the world? for our future? for the fate of humanity?!? We may never know.

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  • Title: “Anarchy Salad”
  • Media: Japanese radishes. Political discontent.
  • Submitted by: Anna
  • Anna's salad is sending her a very particular political message. As she states "At my boyfriend's brother's wedding....I was picking my fork up off my plate after jabbing at my salad, innocently enough. When I turned it around to put it in my mouth, I noticed its most peculiar face." We'll assume by "face" she means "symbol." In our experience, when your food tells you to "FIGHT THE POWER," it's best for you to obey it.

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  • Title: “Tater Love”
  • Media: Potatoes. Confusion of emotion.
  • Submitted by: Mona & Terry H.
  • Mona & Terry found all these potatoes in a single bag, they seem to be unsure if they "love u" or "live u." U decide!

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heaven potato

  • Title: “Heaven Potato”
  • Media: Potato. Questionable Mandarin Script.
  • Submitted by: Anonymous
  • Slicing into a potato, this visitor found a symbol that very, very loosely resembles the Mandarin (Chinese) symbol for "Heaven" - or, so the photographer claims.

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  • Title: “LOOL”
  • Media: Communicative Bread.
  • Submitted by: Bob B.
  • Four slices within a loaf of white bread; spelling a mysterious four-letter word: "LOOL." If you know the meaning to this "seemingly divine" message, Bob asks that you please contact him immediately.

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  • Title: “Deep-Fried QuickTime”
  • Media: Onion Ring. Hot Oil. Compressed Video.
  • Submitted by: Eric Yruegas
  • Yes, Eric, your onion ring does look like the QuickTime 3 logo! You think this could be a new wave of corporate product placement?

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  • Title: “Tomato As Apple Logo”
  • Media: Tomato + Superior Product Design
  • Submitted by: Dominique (France)
  • After the marketing success of their QuickTime Logo Onion Ring, Apple released a line of tomatoes that mimic their corporate logo.

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