The “Anarchy Salad” of Anna


  • Title: “Anarchy Salad”
  • Media: Japanese radishes. Political discontent.
  • Submitted by: Anna
  • Anna's salad is sending her a very particular political message. As she states "At my boyfriend's brother's wedding....I was picking my fork up off my plate after jabbing at my salad, innocently enough. When I turned it around to put it in my mouth, I noticed its most peculiar face." We'll assume by "face" she means "symbol." In our experience, when your food tells you to "FIGHT THE POWER," it's best for you to obey it.

One response to “Anarchy Salad”

  1. Brett says:

    I got an anarchy fry at Burger King one time right after our band did a show! Lol congratulations on being able to share the anarchy food incident with me. I’m proud. 🙂

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