The “Heaven Potato” of Anonymous

heaven potato

  • Title: “Heaven Potato”
  • Media: Potato. Questionable Mandarin Script.
  • Submitted by: Anonymous
  • Slicing into a potato, this visitor found a symbol that very, very loosely resembles the Mandarin (Chinese) symbol for "Heaven" - or, so the photographer claims.

3 responses to “Heaven Potato”

  1. Charles says:

    It bears a far greater resemblance to the character for “great” or “large” (although my first impression, to be honest, was that it looked more like the character for “cave”).

    Also, Mandarin is a spoken language. Chinese characters are used for writing Mandarin, but they are not a “Mandarin script.”

  2. shea says:

    IT DEFINITLY LOOKS LIKE HEAVEN SYMBOL (i think it looks like japanese symbol or not i just saw that on th “heaven scroll” in naruto

  3. Griffin says:

    I agree with Charles, it resembled “large” much more. Shea, how good a look did you get?

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