The “Ranch Dressing Mystery Communique” of Cleadus

  • Title: “Ranch Dressing Mystery Communique”
  • Media: Ranch dressing. Interaction with chicken wings. Message from the GREAT BEYOND.
  • Submitted by: Cleadus
  • The person submitting this mysterious image reports "after a plate of chicken wings this #2 appeared in my ranch dressing without the aid of man." It's OBVIOUS that the ranch dressing is sending us a message... but what could it mean -- for chicken wings around the world? for our future? for the fate of humanity?!? We may never know.

4 responses to “Ranch Dressing Mystery Communique”

  1. Omens are important, not because they tell you what’s coming, but because they tell you what you were looking for.

  2. NOLAmite says:

    It’s telling you what your about to be “doing” afer eating chicken wings…

  3. KLUv says:

    This was probably done by splashing ranch over a refrigerator magnet and then removing it.

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