The “Tater Love” of Mona & Terry H.


  • Title: “Tater Love”
  • Media: Potatoes. Confusion of emotion.
  • Submitted by: Mona & Terry H.
  • Mona & Terry found all these potatoes in a single bag, they seem to be unsure if they "love u" or "live u." U decide!

10 responses to “Tater Love”

  1. Alex says:

    I think that’s supposed to be a heart…not a u. And all in one bag??

  2. karasu says:


  3. shea says:

    That has to one of the weirdest things ive ever seen
    I think its Love

  4. Ben says:

    No, it spells “VALUE”
    just turn that one potato upside down

  5. bob says:

    it might say live y? without the ? mark.

  6. Alex says:


  7. connor says:

    maybe its someone saying “u live”

  8. Maudlin Hart says:

    What’s taters, preciousss?

  9. N says:

    Maudlin, I love you.

  10. Masha says:

    Live and a a heart? That’s what I see there.

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