The “The Mysterious Message of ‘JUUG’” of Joe S.

  • Title: “The Mysterious Message of ‘JUUG’”
  • Media: Eggplant. Mysterious Messaging.
  • Submitted by: Joe S.
  • Not many people realize this, but in the days before mobile phones, it was a very common practice to send text messages via eggplant. It seems that Joe found one such message in his eggplant, with only the mysterious term of "juug" written within its fleshy center. Joe did note that there are various definitions for "juug" on Urban Dictionary (but, for the more sensitive viewers, keep in mind that most Urban Dictionary definitions include a smattering of cruder language).

One response to “The Mysterious Message of ‘JUUG’”

  1. Joe S says:

    wow. I guess the internet never forgets. I nearly forgot about this.

    Did I submit this to you? It has been so long.

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