MoFA: ‘High Art’ Specimens

  • Title: “Yin-Yang Eggs”
  • Media: Eggs. Unity of Opposites.
  • Submitted by: Martin G.
  • I know. Before you comment. I know. If they were truly "Yin Yang Eggs" they wouldn't both be white with yellow yolks. But, it's not bad.

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  • Title: “Leggy Root Statue”
  • Media: Cassava?
  • Submitted by: Valdenor R. (São Paulo, Brasil)
  • I could easily see this as a statue displayed in a museum of modern art. But, it's not. It's cassava, I believe.

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  • Title: “Pasta Van Gogh”
  • Media: Dried Pasta. Post-Impressionism.
  • Submitted by: Chris S.
  • Many of us have experienced pasta sticking to the bottom of a pot, but this one does take on a certain "Van Gogh-esque" quality.

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  • Title: “Meat Parrot at Sunset”
  • Media: Meat, Beans & Beauty.
  • Submitted by: Liz
  • Perhaps the most artistic food anomaly: Liz's leftovers from dinner look a heck of a lot like a "Parrot at Sunset." I'd add that it's an eerie parrot at sunset, but maybe that's the meat-parrot influencing my artistic sensibilities.

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