MoFA: ‘Indescribable’ Specimens

  • Title: “Heartio”
  • Media: Cheerio. Warm & fuzzy feelings.
  • Submitted by: Colleen H.
  • Colleen found this Cheerio shaped like a heart on the inside. I could go on, but let's just agree that this is adorable and doesn't require further description.

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  • Title: “Blackhole M&M”
  • Media: Chocolate. Candy Coating. Forces of Extreme Gravitational Pull.
  • Submitted by: Jarod B.
  • Jarod did not supply any notes with this submission because, one assumes, the image is self-evident. This is undoubtedly a M&M that strayed too close to the event horizon of a black hole during its most recent interstellar travels. There can be no other explanation.

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  • Title: “Peace Cookie”
  • Media: Cookie. Pressure. Peace.
  • Submitted by: Cleadus
  • Apparently, this cookie was sending a message back to Cleadus who, upon trying to break the cookie into two pieces, got a sign of peace instead. A moving cry from this little cookie, indeed; but its message was probably sent a bit too late to spare the cookie from someone's stomach.

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  • Title: “Ranch Dressing Mystery Communique”
  • Media: Ranch dressing. Interaction with chicken wings. Message from the GREAT BEYOND.
  • Submitted by: Cleadus
  • The person submitting this mysterious image reports "after a plate of chicken wings this #2 appeared in my ranch dressing without the aid of man." It's OBVIOUS that the ranch dressing is sending us a message... but what could it mean -- for chicken wings around the world? for our future? for the fate of humanity?!? We may never know.

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  • Title: “Carrot Legs meets Lederhosen”
  • Media: Carrots. Lederhosen. Magic!
  • Submitted by: Sonja V. (Palmerston North, New Zealand)
  • Sonja found an interesting pair of CARROT LEGS that were all fine & good on their own. And, yet, a certain "something" was missing. After spending some time with ol' "carrot legs," we found out what it was -- lederhosen. (Lederhosen image from Tapir Girl)

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