MoFA: ‘Indescribable’ Specimens

  • Title: “Invasion of the Tomato Snatchers”
  • Media: Tomato. Pod People.
  • Submitted by: Jessie D.
  • Many people believe that alien invaders might take over the Earth by slowly replacing humans with human-like versions of themselves that are grown from pods. But, who's to say that aliens will know that they should look like us? Perhaps they'll mistake tomatoes as the superior life form of the planet.

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  • Title: “Craaaaaaazy Berry”
  • Media: Strawberry. Craziness.
  • Submitted by: Shura (Germany)
  • I wish strawberries always came this way. I'd eat them by the basket-full. I can only imagine the taste explosion that Shura enjoyed when eating this fantastic-looking accessory fruit.

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  • Title: “Heart Raspberry”
  • Media: n/a
  • Submitted by: Beth C.
  • A lovely raspberry. See what I did there? I called it "lovely" because it looks like a heart. Get it? See? Yeah, I'm great at writing these descriptions. BOOYAH!

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  • Title: “Easter Love”
  • Media: n/a
  • Submitted by: Justin K.
  • Justin was boiling some eggs for Easter when he came upon this yolk that looked like a heart. Perhaps it was this egg's way of saying "no hard feelings."

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  • Title: “Gregory Peck Pepper”
  • Media: Pepper, DVD Player
  • Submitted by: Linda
  • Sometimes peppers suffer from having bad parents who stick them in front of the television instead of talking to them & playing with them. Sometimes, though, the pepper lucks out & watches nothing by Gregory Peck films growing up. Seriously, watch a Gregory Peck film then look at this pepper. It's got his look down.

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  • Title: “Frankenmato”
  • Media: Parts of other tomatoes, perhaps?
  • Submitted by: Marrit Z.
  • Marrit sends in evidence of experiments in tomato reanimation. Could this be how Dr. Frankenstein perfected the technique for his monster? No, that's just a book... or is it? Yes, it is just a book... Or is it something more?

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  • Title: “Smiling Fortune Banana”
  • Media: n/a
  • Submitted by: Siamon F.
  • Saimon writes "Some say that you can wish on a banana by whispering or thinking your wish and slicing it at the end" then the seeds will display either a Y-shape for "yes" or a dot for "no." Saimon cut the banana only to find this little guy looking back! He wasn't quite sure if the face should be counted as a heart-warming or very unsettling sign.

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fetus egg

  • Title: “Fetus Egg”
  • Media: An egg. A yolk. A delicious experiment.
  • Submitted by: Kitty
  • Kitty, making breakfast, ruptured an egg's yolk into... this. Providing evidence that it's, seemingly, time to start a whole new variant of the "which came first?" question.

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