• Title: “Craaaaaaazy Berry”
  • Media: Strawberry. Craziness.
  • Submitted by: Shura (Germany)
  • I wish strawberries always came this way. I'd eat them by the basket-full. I can only imagine the taste explosion that Shura enjoyed when eating this fantastic-looking accessory fruit.

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  • Title: “Heart Raspberry”
  • Media: n/a
  • Submitted by: Beth C.
  • A lovely raspberry. See what I did there? I called it "lovely" because it looks like a heart. Get it? See? Yeah, I'm great at writing these descriptions. BOOYAH!

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  • Title: “Sly Potato”
  • Media: n/a
  • Submitted by: Jackie T. (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
  • Jackie was cutting through this potato when she found it staring back at her with this sly grin. We're not sure what to make of this: did the potato have a secret plan in mind? Was Jackie's cutting of the potato part of that plan?!? We may never know.

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  • Title: “Old Man Potato”
  • Media: n/a
  • Submitted by: Maria R.
  • There was never an episode of "The Twilight Zone" in which some old, horrible man was trapped inside a tomato as punishment for his wicked ways. If there had been, this is the tomato they would have used.

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  • Title: “Easter Love”
  • Media: n/a
  • Submitted by: Justin K.
  • Justin was boiling some eggs for Easter when he came upon this yolk that looked like a heart. Perhaps it was this egg's way of saying "no hard feelings."

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  • Title: “Conjoined Tomatoes”
  • Media: n/a
  • Submitted by: Danny M.
  • One tomato, two tomato, three tomato, four.* No, just one tomato. Or two? Or... I give up. (*I don't think this first line will make sense to those that did not grow up with the little "one potato, two potato" song/rhyme. My apologies.)

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  • Title: “Wilson Coconut”
  • Media: Coconut. Being stranded.
  • Submitted by: Amy L.
  • Amy L. calls this coconut "Wilson" (presumably after the volleyball of the same name from the movie "Castaway"). However, she sent no message; only this photo and it's name. I hope that wasn't a poorly-written cry for help from some uncharted tropical island...

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