The “Dracula Pepper” of Sarah N. (Ohio)

  • Title: “Dracula Pepper”
  • Media: Green bell pepper. Thirst for blood.
  • Submitted by: Sarah N. (Ohio)
  • Sarah was innocently making herself the most delicious of all foods, pizza, when she cut into a bell pepper to use as one of her toppings. Much to her surprise, she found this likeness of one of the most reviled creatures of the night: a vampire. { Gasp! } She promptly snapped this photo as evidence and, as far as we're aware, was never heard from again.

2 responses to “Dracula Pepper”

  1. Giles Thomas says:

    But vampires don’t show up in photographs .

  2. VA says:

    this is the answer to the age old question, “where do red bell peppers come from?”

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