MoFA: ‘Religious Artifacts’ Specimens

  • Title: “Banana… Jesus?”
  • Media: Banana. Over-ripening. Divine visitation.
  • Submitted by: Jim T.
  • Jim, who seems to find far more food anomalies than the average citizen, has now discovered a figure in his over-ripe banana. He is certain that this is the likeness of Jesus. Of course, he thought that his pumpkin seed had Jesus' face on it too. We have to admit, though, that this image looks far more like a long-haired, bearded wise man than his pumpkin seed ever did! Jim: it might be time for you to go into business with these religious artifact food anomalies.

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  • Title: “Jesus? Pumpkin Seed”
  • Media: Pumpkin seed and ???
  • Submitted by: Jim T.
  • Jim T. is back with another MoFA submission. This time he is certain that he's found Jesus in a pumpkin seed. To me it looks more like Jabba the Hut, but I guess these kinds of things are subjective. Who do YOU see?

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  • Title: “Sacred Heart Potato”
  • Media: Potato. Religious Devotion. Highest bidder.
  • Submitted by: Rhonda A.
  • Rhonda A. discovered a potato that she says resembles the "Sacred Heart of Jesus" (a famous religious devotion of the Catholic faith). She's not sure if it should be classified as a "sign," "miracle" or "other," but we all agreed that it has a home here in the MoFA's 'Religious Artifacts' wing. Naturally, this item is also available for bidding through eBay. Have a look quickly, though, there are only 9 days left! (as of this posting)

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  • Title: “Cross Potato”
  • Media: n/a
  • Submitted by: Augusto S. (Lisboa)
  • Augusto has uncovered yet another potato with a cross inside of it. If we get any more of these, I'll be able to start selling them in the gift shop.

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Devil Tomato

  • Title: “Devil Tomato”
  • Media: Garden-variety Tomato. Underworld-variety Evil.
  • Submitted by: Carol B.
  • Carol claims that this tomato "came from the vine from hell!" Well, Carol, allow me to bestow this sage advice upon you, free of charge: if, indeed, you are holding the offspring of a Hell-borne vine, it is not considered wise to mock it by painting on a comical, cat-like face. Just a thought. Good luck, Carol, good luck.

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heaven potato

  • Title: “Heaven Potato”
  • Media: Potato. Questionable Mandarin Script.
  • Submitted by: Anonymous
  • Slicing into a potato, this visitor found a symbol that very, very loosely resembles the Mandarin (Chinese) symbol for "Heaven" - or, so the photographer claims.

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  • Title: “Christian Potato”
  • Media: Potato. Holy Aspirations.
  • Submitted by: David (Spain)
  • To combat the "Tomato Diablo" comes the 'Christian Potato!' David found this symbol once he cut open his potato in an Ibiza restaurant named "Sa Capella." (Built on the unconsecrated grounds of a late 16th century church.)

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  • Title: “Tomato Diablo”
  • Media: Tomato. Unadulterated Evil.
  • Submitted by: Dean Ramger
  • Tomato Diablo! Dean, I would make sure you didn't start a garden on, say, a hell mouth.

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  • Title: “Virgin Mary Banana Chip”
  • Media: Banana Chip. Holiness.
  • Submitted by: Jonathan C.
  • We are very pleased to present Jonathan's banana chip that depicts a likeness of the Virgin Mary! He has made no mention as to whether or not he will be auctioning this item.

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