The “Banana… Jesus?” of Jim T.

  • Title: “Banana… Jesus?”
  • Media: Banana. Over-ripening. Divine visitation.
  • Submitted by: Jim T.
  • Jim, who seems to find far more food anomalies than the average citizen, has now discovered a figure in his over-ripe banana. He is certain that this is the likeness of Jesus. Of course, he thought that his pumpkin seed had Jesus' face on it too. We have to admit, though, that this image looks far more like a long-haired, bearded wise man than his pumpkin seed ever did! Jim: it might be time for you to go into business with these religious artifact food anomalies.

7 responses to “Banana… Jesus?”

  1. Gotta turn it on it’s side

    This started looking a lot like Manson in the picture to me

  2. Phil says:

    Thats Frank Zappa man

  3. Umad Problemton says:

    Looks more like Nickelback’s singer to me

  4. Nicole J, says:

    No, a bearded naked man

  5. rs says:

    geesus has no a-peel for me

  6. Alan H says:

    Could it be Mr Burns off The Simpsons

  7. egman says:

    i agree. either burns or gru from despicable me.

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