The “Sacred Heart Potato” of Rhonda A.

  • Title: “Sacred Heart Potato”
  • Media: Potato. Religious Devotion. Highest bidder.
  • Submitted by: Rhonda A.
  • Rhonda A. discovered a potato that she says resembles the "Sacred Heart of Jesus" (a famous religious devotion of the Catholic faith). She's not sure if it should be classified as a "sign," "miracle" or "other," but we all agreed that it has a home here in the MoFA's 'Religious Artifacts' wing. Naturally, this item is also available for bidding through eBay. Have a look quickly, though, there are only 9 days left! (as of this posting)

One response to “Sacred Heart Potato”

  1. Jim says:

    I totally bid $.99 on the potato it’s first run on eBay

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