MoFA: ‘The Zoo’ Specimens


  • Title: “Maraschino Duck”
  • Media: Unknown... besides the obvious.
  • Submitted by: Patti
  • There's some witticism about a duck attempting to tie a maraschino cherry stem into a knot using only its tongue. But, it's escaping me now.

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  • Title: “Cheeto Parrot”
  • Media: Cheeto. Early Bird DNA.
  • Submitted by: Anonymous
  • The discovery of this specimen, termed a vital "missing link," finally supplied unquestionable validity to the long-running theory that Cheetos originated from birds.

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  • Title: “Conjoined Crackers”
  • Media: Horse Cracker. Hippo Cracker. Dr. Moreau.
  • Submitted by: Anonymous
  • Barely falls into the "anomaly" category, but there was something too endearing about these ill-fated circus crackers to pass up.

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  • Title: “Strawberry Cow”
  • Media: Strawberry. Mad Cow Disease.
  • Submitted by: Nana (Denmark)
  • Nana referred to this one as a "Strawberry-Cow." I don't see the cow... but what I see terrifies me. Indeed, why ARE Scandanavian foods behaving in such a freaky manner? (Perhaps they want to be included here in the MoFA.)

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  • Title: “Koala Chip”
  • Media: Potato Chip. Outback.
  • Submitted by: Ann (Michigan)
  • You're looking at a potato chip, but anyone in their right mind would definitely believe they're looking at a koala bear. Definitely.

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  • Title: “Whale of a Good Fish Nugget”
  • Media: Regular Fish Nugget. One Reading of Moby Dick.
  • Submitted by: Sarahx
  • Sarah was surprised to find that super-sizing her order of fish & chips meant an entirely new league of sea life. Poor whales... reduced to fried snacks.

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