Have Burro, Will Travel

Eddie Gallegos and the Conquistadors

Album Title: Have Burro, Will Travel

Artist(s): Eddie Gallegos and the Conquistadors

Year: 1962

Track Listing:

  1. El Corrido de san Marcial 3:48
  2. Green Eyes 2:40
  3. Guitar Medley 2:30
  4. Guadalajara 2:43
  5. Cielite Lindo 2:27
  6. La Bamba 4:30
  7. Cascabel 3:20
  8. Jalisco 2:40
  9. Tu Solo Tu
  10. Rancho Grande 2:10
  11. La Paloma 2:30
  12. La Cucaracha 2:28

Note: Track listing may not be in correct order or even have the correct tracks for that matter. Feel free to submit track listing updates.

Responses (2)

  1. Steve Ortiz says:

    I produced and recorded Eddie Gallegos years back, “Have Burro will Travel”
    I’m also the writer and singer of “Que Viva Nuevo Mexico”

    My song “Poor Boy” was recorded by the late Eddy Arnold, Burt Bacharah recorded my song “Tell Me Yes” for Columbia Records

    The first Hispanic to be on the US Postal Stamps, known as The first Queen of Tejano Music, she is also in Postal book right a long with Johnny Cash. “The Late “Lydia Mendoza” recoded two of my songs “Cuando se pierde La Madre”

    My latest on YouTube is “Mother Nature has Tear in her Eyes” also in Spanish, La Madre de la naturaleza tiene Lagrimas en los Ojos

    Other videos Steve Sings, “Donde Estas” and more. Since I produed this Album please send me one Steve Ortiz 9 lake Diane Dr Naples Fl 34114

  2. Michael Hanttula says:

    Thank you for sharing your story & insights, Steve!
    “Have Burro, Will Travel” is a wonderfully enjoyable album.

    Thank you, also, for sharing your newer work with us!

    Here’s the direct link to Steve Ortiz’s video & song “Mother Nature Has Tears in Her Eyes” –

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