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Introduction to the Notebook Michael Hanttula's 'LOST' Notebook
Notes on the Inhabitants of the Island

Jack’s Dad/Empty Coffin

  • Jack’s Dad is apparently roaming the island if not entirely in Jack’s vision/mind.
  • Jack found his father’s coffin (that was being transported on the plane) empty in the jungle

Miraculous Cures

  • Physical Issues:
    • Locke is able to walk after crashing on the island (from having been wheelchair-bound
    • Jack successfully performs a seemingly impossible surgery on the woman who becomes his wife, allowing her to walk once again
    • Jin’s infertility has (apparently) been cure
    • Rose’s illness seems to have been cured (possibly related to the magnetic properties of the part of the island they’re on)
  • Psychological Issues:
    • Hurley conquered his eating disorder on the island (may or may not be island-related)
    • Libby is, possibly, no longer experiencing whatever issues landed her in the mental institution that she shared with Hurley. (At least, she certainly looks like she’s doing a lot better than she was in the hospital.)
  • Also take note of the “damaged body parts” listing on the “Notes” page.

Mr. Eko’s Stick

  • Mr. Eko carves phrases & words on a large stick he found on the island
  • The phrases are, at least in part, scripture verses from the Bible; which he refers to as “things I need to remember.”
  • He tends to carry the stick with him everywhere he goes
  • One of the scriptures/etchings is: “lift up your eyes and look North”

The Black Rock

  • Turns out it’s an old, wooden, ship named the “Black Rock.”
  • A visitor-submitted note: “either a brig or a full-rigged ship. Judging from the spars remaining on the front two masts and the mast on the ground, I would say a ship. She was square rigged (across the beam of the ship).”
  • A visitor-submitted note: “It is an 18th-early 19th century cargo ship. Its cargo was slaves and mining equipment”
  • A visitor-submitted note: ” If you look closely, you can see that underneath the words “The Black Rock” on the ship is the word “Portsmouth.” Portsmouth, U.K. was the location where the first ship set sail for Australia carrying convicts in the 1800s. I think it’s far more likely that it’s a convict ship instead of a slave ship.”
  • A visitor-submitted note: “‘Black Rock’ is another name for magnetite, the first discovered magnetic material, and still the strongest one ever found. Small crystals of magnetite can be found in the brains of bees, termites, some birds, and humans, and is thought to be responsible for the ability to sense the polarity or inclination of Earth’s magnetic field–very useful for navigation.”
  • Supposedly holds a radio tower that originally transmitted “the numbers”
  • Rousseau blames the black rock/surrounding area for making her science team “sick”
  • Ship was carrying dynamite (which was invented in 1867)

The Hatch

  • No longer considered supernatural, since its existence was explained. Details now reside in the “Answered Questions” section.

The Monster(s)

  • Seems to be a wisp of black smoke
  • Appears to be different things to different people
  • Has been referred to as a defense system for the island (by Rousseau)
  • It’s quite tall (towered over Locke; snatched pilot from the cockpit)
  • Can shake many trees in the jungle at once
  • Said to sound like an animal (according to a character claiming to be from “The Bronx”)
  • While attempting to pull Locke underground there was a distinct, mechanical cranking sound
  • When confronting Mr. Eko, flashes appeared within the black smoke containing imagery of Mr. Eko’s past (his brother, a crucifix, a woman, etc.).

The Numbers: 4,8,15,16,23,42

  • The numbers are: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42
  • The numbers add up to: 108
  • The numbers were originally being transmitted from the Black Rock Radio Tower until Rousseau changed the transmission to her distress signal
  • Hurley used the numbers to win the lottery
  • Sam Toomey (a non-island character) used the numbers to win a bean count
  • The numbers appeared on the side of the hatch that Locke & Boone discovered (Hurley saw them on the hatch & warned Locke to not light the dynamite’s fuse… Locke still did)
  • Rousseau wrote the numbers on her map seven times
  • The Numbers must be entered into a machine within “The Hatch” every 108 minutes (or, it’s believed, it will be the end … of everything.)
  • The Numbers were listed on the bottles of fluid that Desmond was injecting into his arm AND on the bottles of fluid being injected into Claire’s baby (in utero). The fluid was referenced as a “vaccine”
  • In a video (as part of “The LOST Experience” game), Alvar Hanso references the “Valenzetti Equation” of Enso Valenzetti that predicts the exact number of years and months until humanity “extinquishes itself” & reveals that “the numbers” (4 8 15 16 23 42) are “numerical values to the core environment and human factors” in the Valenzetti Equation. He goes on to emphasize that the goal of the work on the island is to change (at least) one of the “core numerical values” and that doing so will save humanity.
  • Instances of the numbers are too numerous to list here, but there is a great collection of the uses of 4,8,15,16,23,42 at

The Sickness

  • Whatever the sickness is, Rousseau believed that she had to kill her entire science team once they had the sickness
  • Desmond inoculated himself in the hatch from vials that had “The Numbers” written on the side
  • The door of “the hatch” had the word “quarantine” written facing the outside (as if the rest of the island was quarantined);
  • Desmond, upon meeting the survivors of Flight 815 asked if any of them were “sick”

The Visions

  • Jack has had waking visions of his deceased father roaming the island
  • Boone has envisioned his sister’s death
  • Locke dreamed of the small, drug-running airplane’s crash onto the island
  • Claire has several baby-snatching visions/dreams
  • Locke had a vision of his mother in a fur coat & of Boone bleeding
  • Hurley dreamed of an English-speaking Jin* & restaurant mascot chicken. (*or, depending on the characters view… a Korean-speaking Hurley)
  • Shannon thought she saw Walt in the jungle, wet & speaking in a strange, backwards manner. This vision occurred after Walt’s kidnapping from the raft (which was unknown to the survivors on the island at that time). During this vision Walt said “Don’t touch the button. The button is bad.” (Backwards) Sayid also saw Walt right before Shannon was shot by Ana Lucia.
  • Kate saw a large, black horse in the jungle (seemingly from her past)
  • Hurley saw his imaginary friend Dave (although that falls more into the arena of mental illness)
  • Charlie experienced visions of Claire & his mother as religious figures.

The Voices

  • Whispering voices in the jungle
  • Heard by: Rousseau (as she reports) and Sayid
  • Heard more clearly by Sawyer who hears them whisper “It will come back around.” (which are the words said by the man that Sawyer shot in Australia as he lay dying)
  • Heard by the 2nd group of the Survivors of Flight #815 (aka “The Tailies”) when they were hiking from the Arrow Complex (where they first took shelter) to the Swan Complex/Beach (where the first group of survivors were residing)

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