Bureau of Communication

The Bureau of Communication lets visitors invite, apologize, woo or critique their friends & colleagues with smartly-designed (and easy-to-use) forms.

Instant Zombie T-Shirt

Since the previous post got me thinking about zombies, I realize that some people would rather try to blend in with the teeming hordes of the undead rather than fight them. If that’s the case for you, might I recommend the instant zombie t-shirt?

Bedside Table Home Defense

James McAdam’s “Safe Bedside Table” offers defensive & offensive weaponry within arm’s reach. How surprised would an intruder be to creep into a bedroom and find the occupant wielding not only a club, but a thick shield as well? Answer:...

Cinematic Vacation

One man’s idea of a vacation is to visit locations where films were shot & recreate memorable (and/or not-so-memorable) scenes: Pieter Dirkx’ ‘Filming Locations’

Faux Pool Art

Artist Leandro Erlich’s 1999 piece “Swimming Pool” has been making the rounds on the Internet with its beautiful, immersive viewing experience. Be amazed, then check out his many other works — all rather astounding. Update! Here’s some...

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