MOFA: Museum of Food Anomalies
  • Exhibit:
  • Museum of Food Anomalies
  • See horrific aberrations of nature in this collection of photographs depicting common food items that have distorted into something more sinister than words can describe.
Revenge of the Attack of the Night of the B-Movie Title Generator
Seeing Double
  • Exhibit:
  • Seeing Double
  • The online compendium for all the "doppleganger" films (which have similar storylines or subjects and are released at almost the same time).
  • Exhibit:
  • Bunnyocalypse
  • The Marshmallow Bunny Apocalypse is upon us. View this photographic documenation of the end times of Marshmallow Peeps™ and watch as bunny-after-bunny is pit against agents of marshmallow doom.
Inside the Magic 8-Ball
Circus of Disemboweled Plush Toys
  • Exhibit:
  • Circus of Disemboweled Plush Toys
  • A frightful assemblage of stuffed animals that nature did not intend. We recommend skipping this exhibit. It's really not very good. Only our continuing dislike for Beanie Babies keeps us from being ashamed that we ever created this horrific sideshow.
Cardboard Robot Command
Mission: Rhyme with Orange
Hanttula Mystery Objects
Office of Eternal Distractions
Spoon Journal Project
Website Blessing Service
The LOST Notebook
  • Project:
  • The LOST Notebook (Archive)
  • Michael Hanttula's 'LOST' Notebook is an online resource for viewers of ABC's television series 'LOST.' Unlike other sources, this notebook focuses only on the evidence presented in the show, offering a great source to explore your own theories & thoughts on the storylines.