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Parvesh Cheena Sings… Mike Hanttula

5:59 pm | writes:

Star of stage & screen, Parvesh Cheena sings “Mike Hanttula” over & over again. Why? I’m not entirely sure; but he does make it very entertaining…


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Tweet Drive for the Science Center

8:26 am | writes:

There’s just ONE DAY LEFT of Toyota’s Tweet Drive to support the Space Shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Center.

It’s free & easy to join in the fund-raising fun: Toyota will donate $50 to the Science Center for each tweet (per day, per account) when tweeting through: http://www.toyota.com/tundraendeavour/#tweet-drive ]

At Hanttula.com, we started with a goal of raising $10,000. Then upped it to $12,000. Then upped it to $14,000. With just one day left, we’re almost there with $13,850 raised so far.

If you tweet, please take a moment to join the Tweet Drive!


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LA Weekly names MoFA #1 Food Museum

6:27 am | writes:

What is the #1 Food Museum in the World according to LA Weekly? Oh, look at that, it seems to be none other than Hanttula.com’s Museum of Food Anomalies!!

Read the full LA Weekly article here.


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Halloween Phenomethon of Links 2012

7:47 am | writes:

It’s back again for 2012! The ever-popular Hanttula.com Phenomethon of Halloween Links. Visit the PHENOMETHON now and find all manner of GAMES, INSPIRATION and ENTERTAINMENTS for your Halloween enjoyment.


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Today, in Los Angeles

12:24 pm | writes:

Today’s view from Hanttula HQ.


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Man-Eater, Sticker-based ‘Video’ Game

11:00 am | writes:

Man-eater from Daniel Disselkoen.


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DIY Rockets… with matches

10:38 am | writes:

A day late for 4th of July festivities, a fine instructional video is discovered. How to Make Match Rockets.


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Blade Runner in Watercolors

8:51 am | writes:

An artist/animator uses 3285 watercolor paintings in the first part of a recreation of the film “Blade Runner”

{note: it takes about 18 seconds of video before any images start appearing }


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Thou Shall Not Commit Logical Fallacies

11:41 am | writes:

An education is not just about the learning of facts and figures, but of learning how to learn and how to think. Yet most of us stumble through life committing the egregious “sins” of logical fallacies (in both our thoughts & debates). Now there’s a concise guide to introduce you 24 logical fallacies — how to identify them, how to avoid them. Enjoy. { the site even provides a nice, printable poster to hang “somewhere your face is near.” }


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Floating Cinema

8:09 am | writes:

Thailand shows us how outdoor cinema is done. Made of recycled materials, no less.