Halloween Phenomethon of Links


Games marked with “[HTML5]” do not require Flash & can be played on mobile devices!

  1. halloween-link_halloween-slot-machineSlots o’ (Mis)Fortune: Halloween-themed slot machine where some symbols DRAIN your jackpot. [HTML5 game]
  2. Bombs and Zombies: click & match bomb types to blow up invading zombies. [HTML5 game]
  3. Timber Men – Halloween: a logger dressed as a ghost attempts to chop down trees & dodge branches [HTML5]
  4. Scary Pinball: a spooky-themed (but otherwise very simple) form of pinball. Easy, but kind of fun. [HTML5 game]
  5. halloween_monster-islandMonster Island: use your aim + physics to destroy the monsters of Monster Island
  6. halloween_boxheadBoxhead – The Zombie Wars: attempt to stop the encroaching hordes
  7. halloween_bury-my-bonesBury My Bones: a ‘Cut the Rope’-like puzzle game where you try to bury skeletons that are being difficult.
  8. halloween_zombie-demolisherZombie Demolisher: like ‘Angry Birds’ but with zombies.
  9. halloween_skull-hunterSkullHunter: like ‘Angry Birds’ but with skeletons… and less mesmerizing music.
  10. halloween_bubble-hitHalloween Bubble Hit: just like Bubble Burst or Snood, but with fun Halloween characters (play full screen!)
  11. halloween_zombie-getawayZombie Getaway: run through zombie-filled streets gathering fruit (!?) and attempting… get away!
  12. Days 2 Die: defend yourself from the oncoming cartoon zombie attack (side-scrolling shooter)
  13. Days 2 Die – The Other Side: More side-scrolling, zombie shooting action; with advanced interactivity & game-play.
  14. Springed Spooks Attack: Fend off attacks from spring-bound spooks to save the princess {fun cartoon style!}
  15. Night of 1000 Zombies: You are a jack-o-lantern, tossing your own head to smash approaching zombies
  16. Blood Red: fend off wave-after-wave of rising zombies (in spooky silhouette against a setting sun)
  17. Monster Matching: Stack matching monsters to remove them in this reverse-Tetris style game
  18. Dead Frontier – Night One: Can you survive the night during an onslaught of malicious zombies? (a top-down Zombie survival game)
  19. Dead Frontier – Night Two: the second part of a series of gore-ridden zombie shoot-em-up
  20. Dead Frontier – Night Three: The third night of the zombie infestation brings new weapons
  21. Dead Frontier: Outbreak – a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’-type text (and audio) based story (a promotion for the MMORPG version of the “Dead Frontier” shooting game above)
  22. Mon-Buster: Match monster tiles to remove them in this timed memory game
  23. Whack-a-Ghoul: like Whack-a-Mole but with ghouls
  24. Ghost Town: a club-wielding baby in a cemetery makes battle with ghosts & other haunting baddies.
  25. De-Animator: a shooting game in which you play the part of a regretful scientist who chooses to undo his “reanimation” of corpses… one bullet at a time.
  26. Ghoul Academy: side-scrolling shooter action in this early 90’s style video game
  27. Pumpkin Toss: a shooting-gallery type game in which you toss pumpkins at approaching ghosts, ghouls & skeletons.
  28. Halloween Pumpkins: a stacking-puzzle/strategy game… with pumpkins!
  29. Halloween Hangman: just what you would imagine.
  30. All Hallow’s Eve: Defend your home from attacking zombies. Aim for the head.
  31. Candy Toss: toss treats to trick-or-treaters on the street below.
  32. Halloween on Creepy Street: kind of like Super Mario Bros. expect you’re trick-or-treater dressed as a ghost.
  33. Ghost Bowling: Roll jack-o-lanterns at ghostly pins!
  34. Bill the Demon: Find souls. Eat them.
  35. Halloween Smash: like Bejeweled, but with Halloween-related items.
  36. Pumpkin Remover: solve puzzles based around falling pumpkins


  1. Java’s Cosmic Halloween Specials: all three year’s of the broadcast mix of retro-lounge Halloween tunes and an eerie radio play with zombies, car races & possessed pumpkins.
  2. Music & Sounds – “Doctor Druid’s Haunted Seance”: a spooky sound recording from the 1970’s
  3. Carved Robot Pumpkins: 10 carved pumpkins, modified to look like robots. See also: The Automatonic Gourd (a fully robotized pumpkin)
  4. Para Abnormal: a web comic with posts for the “31 Days of Halloween”
  5. Crumpkin’s Pumpkins: visit this haunted pumpkin patch and click (and click and click) around to see what surprises await you.
    {or just go to listen to the creepy ambient soundtrack }.
  6. Pompor: the {faux} IKEA, flat-packed pumpkin
  7. Create and Draw Monsters: classic monster & Halloween coloring book pages
  8. Virtual Pumpkin Carving: illuminates when you are done!
  9. Vintage Halloween: decorations & designs (on Flickr)

  10. The Pumpkin Song: watch & sing along

  11. A meticulously animated version of Disney’s “Haunted Mansion” record using the original album art.
  12. Imagineering! A video look at the kid make up company that brought us classics like “Scar Stuff,” “Vampire Blood” and “Evil Teeth.”
  13. The classic recording (via YouTube) of Alfred Hitchcock’s Ghost Stories for Young People.


  1. halloween_hollywood-haunterHollywood Haunter: instructional videos and inspiration from the creators of an AMAZING home haunt
  2. Make a Meatloaf Severed Hand: a visually gruesome (and potentially tasty) Halloween dinner
  3. Make a Realistic Stitched Wound: part of Instructables’ DIY Halloween
  4. How to Make a Cylon Jack-o-Lantern: Battlestar Galactica meets Halloween.
  5. Make a Living Severed Hand: a somewhat convincing & semi-subtle Halloween costume
  6. The Snap-o-lantern: how to make a robotic, snapping jack-o-lantern
  7. Drilled Pumpkins: Carving pumpkins with a drill. Not very ‘traditional-looking,’ but makes for some interesting lanterns.
  8. Low-Cost Halloween Pop-Up Character: build your own creature to pop out of a container and scare trick-or-treaters. Here’s a video of the device in action.
  9. Halloween Candy Code: Hobo signs reinterpreted to mark houses for their Halloween candy content. For those interested, more on hobo signs/code.
  10. Breadstick Mummy Dogs: hot dogs wrapped in dough to look like mummies. Frightfully tasty!
  11. MonsterList: a massive list of Halloween projects.
  12. Frankenspoon: He’s aliiiiiiiiiiiive. Print your own flat-pack toy version of Frankenstein’s monster.
  13. Haunted House Silhouettes: Create a ghastly scene for your home with these instructions on making relatively inexpensive cut-out silhouettes.

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