MoFA: ‘Conjoined’ Specimens

Hideous Strawberry

  • Title: “Hideous Strawberry”
  • Media: Strawberry?
  • Submitted by: Karyn B.
  • Karyn discovered this hideous excuse for a strawberry then made a terrible mistake: she tried to consume it. Last I heard, she was recovering well.

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2 Squash

Grape Pumpkin

  • Title: “Grape Pumpkin”
  • Media: 3 Grapes. Lots of Pressure.
  • Submitted by: Alec
  • Young Alec has discovered this marvel of modern farming - The Grape Pumpkin! More than a grape; more than a pumpkin -- this fine entry is destined to become a thing of legend.

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  • Title: “Apple & Child”
  • Media: Apple. Offspring.
  • Submitted by: Gary C.
  • This apple seems to be nurturing its young offspring. Gary ensures us that these two creatures are part of the same apple.

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crazy cucumber

  • Title: “All-Kinds-of-Crazy Cucumber”
  • Media: Cucumber. Craziness.
  • Submitted by: Penny S.
  • Penny grew this cucumber and reports that it "looks like it has babies." Yes, Penny, there is that... and the fact that it's curled upon itself as if it's cradling those "babies." I'm creeped out and very confused. Why do I run this museum?!

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Conjoined Peaches

  • Title: “Conjoined Peach Pair”
  • Media: Peach + Peach
  • Submitted by: Rosie H.
  • Rosie discovered this submission right after her first visit to the MoFA. Dare we say that the MoFA's powers extend beyond that of the Internet? Dare we?! Yes. We dare.

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  • Title: “Cap’n Crunch Nugget”
  • Media: Thar's Gold In Them Thar Cereals
  • Submitted by: Galen B.
  • From the depths of a box of Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch comes this nugget! Hmm... makes me think of another entry... yes, I remember now (cue video effect that TV shows use to indicate a flashback...) that's right, it reminds me of this entry.

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  • Title: “Large Grape”
  • Media: Grape-grape-grape-grape.
  • Submitted by: Chelsea and Stephanie
  • Not just a large grape, but what appears to be four grapes merged into one. Rarely to conjoined fruits merge to mimic their original shape. Impressive... in its simplicity.

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  • Title: “MUTANT GRAPES”
  • Media: Mutant Grapes! Mutant Grapes!
  • Submitted by: Heather
  • Heather was, apparently, so horrified by this large cluster of grapes that she could only entitle her submission "MUTANT GRAPES." No other notes. No idea what became of Heather, either.

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  • Title: “Carrot Fingers”
  • Media: Partially Anthropomorphic Carrots
  • Submitted by: Patrick J.
  • What should have been a few carrots has become CARROT HAND. A very stubby & disturbing carrot hand.

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