MoFA: ‘Conjoined’ Specimens


  • Title: “Conjoined Squash”
  • Media: Squash. Squash. Squish.
  • Submitted by: Miss P.
  • These conjoined squash are also quite tiny. They kind of look as if they're posing for the photo (you know, leaning in & everything... maybe it's just me...)

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  • Title: “Corn Babies”
  • Media: When a Mommy Corn Loves a Daddy Corn...
  • Submitted by: Lorraine
  • Lorraine wrote: "it looks like a normal ear of corn. but it's not! there are two baby corns growing out of it. and it's crazy sweet. i was shucking corn and came upon this. i shouted my discovery to my mother, who squealed and said, "oh, then you'll have to take a picture of it!" duh, mom, i'm planning on sending it into the MUSEUM of FOOD ANOMALIES." Good thinking Lorraine.

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  • Title: “Conjoined M&M”
  • Media: M and M and M.
  • Submitted by: John P.
  • A sibling of the blue mutant M&M?! Anything is possible in this crazy world. John informs us that, wisely, he is protecting his food anomaly and shall not eat it.

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  • Title: “Hugging Carrots”
  • Media: Carrots. Mood Music.
  • Submitted by: Tina K.
  • Tina found these lovely (and loving?) intertwined carrots and made quick with the intent to auction them off. Unfortunately, they were broken during transfer back to the refrigerator. So sorry, Tina, so sorry for you.

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  • Title: “Conjoined Cucumbers”
  • Media: Cucumbers x 2
  • Submitted by: Mohamed E. (Saudi Arabia)
  • OK, but seriously now, what's up with all these conjoined food items? No, really, what's going on? I'm scared.

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  • Title: “Banana Unsplit”
  • Media: B-A-N-A-N-A-S
  • Submitted by: Kate!
  • Yes, Kate, your conjoined bananas are hideous & perfect for display here. It does make me ponder the "most amazing banana-split ever"... although, I guess, if you made a banana split from these it would be a lot like just using 2 regular bananas.

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  • Title: “The Peanut Butter Bumper”
  • Media: Peanut Butter Mortar. Crisps. Disproportionate Servings.
  • Submitted by: Robert S.
  • From a box of "Peanut Butter Bumpers" (which I'm told is like "Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch") emerged this monstrosity. 21 "bumpers" around a semi-hard glob of peanut butter cereal product.

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  • Title: “The Grapes of Much Wrath”
  • Media: Grapes. A lot of grapes.
  • Submitted by: Toby M., Edmonton
  • Toby writes "At first I was afraid of this evil pairing until I ate them. I never knew evil tasted so good!" First 2 grapes, now 5. Perhaps a sign of an impending fused-fruit future?

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