MoFA: ‘Creepy Creatures’ Specimens

  • Title: “I’ll-Haunt-You-in-Another-Form Pumpkin”
  • Media: Pumpkin. Poor Watering Practices. Unadulterated scorn.
  • Submitted by: Darryl M.
  • Darryl claims the birth of this ill-looking pumpkin was a mix of neglect & ant infestations. Nonetheless, Darryl probably didn't realize that pumpkins never forget. As it rots into the ground, it's scornful expression ensures us that it shall have its revenge on Darryl... maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow... but some day. {it also kind of reminds me of something one might find in Crumpkin's Pumpkin Patch}

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  • Title: “Sly Potato”
  • Media: n/a
  • Submitted by: Jackie T. (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
  • Jackie was cutting through this potato when she found it staring back at her with this sly grin. We're not sure what to make of this: did the potato have a secret plan in mind? Was Jackie's cutting of the potato part of that plan?!? We may never know.

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  • Title: “Onion Encounter”
  • Media: Onion. Extra-Terrestrial Gardening.
  • Submitted by: Adam C.
  • Adam had an encounter with this seemingly-normal onion. But, look at it for awhile. Notice its stare? The eyes of this obvious onion/alien hybrid will haunt you.

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  • Title: “Frankenmato”
  • Media: Parts of other tomatoes, perhaps?
  • Submitted by: Marrit Z.
  • Marrit sends in evidence of experiments in tomato reanimation. Could this be how Dr. Frankenstein perfected the technique for his monster? No, that's just a book... or is it? Yes, it is just a book... Or is it something more?

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  • Title: “Swiss Scare”
  • Media: Cheese. Holes. Spookiness.
  • Submitted by: Noli Novak
  • Noli found this frightening friend within a simple slice of swiss cheese. Personally, I would have found another slice for my sandwich.

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  • Title: “Balsamic Alien”
  • Media: Oil + Vinegar + Sea Salt = Alien?
  • Submitted by: Alex A.
  • Alex found this smiley alien within a plate with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. He's uncertain whether the alien was always there or if it was the combination of bread and sea salt which brought him to life, but he seems very content.

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  • Title: “Oily Ghost”
  • Media: Oil. Heat. Contact with the Afterlife.
  • Submitted by: Sabina M.
  • Sabina put oil in a pan; apparently unaware that the pan served as a conduit to the "great beyond"

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  • Title: “Most Terrifying Fruity Pebble”
  • Media: Fruity Pebble. A Fear Unknown to Most.
  • Submitted by: Kelly R.
  • Just when you thought it was safe to consume breakfast cereal, Kelly finds THIS terrifying creature amid an otherwise innocent bowl of Fruity Pebbles. Don't look at this image for too long. It will haunt your dreams.

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peppermint skull

  • Title: “Peppermint Candy Skull”
  • Media: Small Candy-based creature. Sans everything but a skull.
  • Submitted by: Theresa
  • A fine dinner. A sweet mint to cleanse the palate. Something awry. Was it a mint at all? Or has she half-consumed a tiny, candy creature -- leaving only a skull as evidence of its remains?

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Zombie Coconut

  • Title: “Undead Coconut”
  • Media: Coconut Corpse. Reanimation.
  • Submitted by: Fawn
  • Fawn discovered the sunken eyes of this coconut staring at her after she drained the coconut's juice. She said it was a "ghost coconut," but my professional resources have determined it is more assuredly a ZOMBIE COCONUT.

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